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Bring Your Damaged Car to Our Auto Repair Shop in Lafayette, LA

Get Your Car Back on the Road

No one wants to deal with car trouble, but it's easier to handle when you have a reliable local mechanic to turn to. That's where Matt's Automotive, LLC comes in. Our auto repair shop in Lafayette, LA offers top-notch car maintenance and repair services. We have over 15 years of experience, so you can count on us to get your car up and running ASAP.

Call or Text 337-501-8894 now to make an appointment for a vehicle tune-up, shocks and struts replacement, car air conditioning repair, or transmission repairr at our auto repair shop. We charge a diagnostic rate of $80 before tax, but we'll waive the fee if you choose to get service with us.

Anyone can come to us for car help

Do you own a car lot and need repairs for some of your vehicles? Are you a car owner looking for a dedicated mechanic? Matt's Automotive, LLC can help. We provide auto maintenance and repair services on car lots and for committed car owners. You'll feel confident hiring us for the job because we're trustworthy and won't try to upsell you on work you don't need.

Contact us now to make an appointment at our auto shop.

What can we do for your car?

You can find an answer to your car problems with our local mechanic. We provide:

  • Vehicle tune-ups: Make sure your ride is safe for the road
  • Shocks and struts replacements: Fix up your car's suspension
  • Car air conditioner solutions: Keep your cool while you drive
  • Engine and transmission repairs: Help your vehicle run reliably

No matter what the issue is, you can rely on us for an efficient fix.