Rely On Us for Car Air Conditioning Repair Services in Lafayette, LA

Is Your Car's AC on the Fritz?

Your car's air conditioning is crucial for beating the Lafayette, LA heat. If you're having issues with yours, get car air conditioning repair services from Matt's Automotive, LLC right away. From replacing your whole system to repairing a single damaged element, we'll do what it takes to restore the cool breeze in your ride.

Let us help you stay cool as you drive. Schedule car air conditioning repair services today.

How can we improve your car's AC?

No matter what's wrong with your AC system, you can trust us to find and fix the problem. We offer car AC recharge services to fix the common problem of your car being low on freon. Plus, we can:

  • Repair leaks coming from your unit
  • Remove blockages in your compressor
  • Troubleshoot causes for your AC not working

Once we finish the job, you'll feel more comfortable in your car. Stop by for car AC recharge and repair services this week.