Take Your Car to Our Transmission and Engine Repair Shop in Lafayette, LA

Keep Your Car's Motor in Top Condition

Did your car's engine recently break down? Does your oil keep leaking? Turn to Matt's Automotive, LLC for help. Our engine repair shop in Lafayette, LA offers the services you need to get a reliable and efficient engine. We can:

Replace your head gaskets
Swap out your motor
Change out your entire engine

Whether you need your whole engine repaired or just one part replaced, our skilled mechanic has you covered. Bring your broken-down car to our engine repair shop today.

Trust us to replace or repair your transmission

Engines aren't the only thing we can work on. We also offer transmission repair and replacement services. If you're having trouble switching gears, it's time to get your transmission checked out. We'll ensure everything is in tiptop shape before you get back on the road.

A new and improved engine or transmission can make your car run for longer. Reach out to us now to get the engine or transmission repair services you need.